Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why Is June Associated With Getting Married?

Out of the twelve months of the year, generally when someone hears June, weddings spring to mind.  My experience as a wedding coordinator at the Lake of the Ozarks has seen quite a few still taking place in June, but just as many in May.  Besides that, September and October have turned into peak months to tie the knot too.  So why the link to the month of June?  Well, I wondered, so I did some research, and this is what I found out.

The Roman goddess Juno is connected with all aspects of the life of women. She is known as the goddess of childbirth and the goddess of marriage.  This combined with the fact that the month of June is named after her are perfect reasons to want to be married in June. People used to believe that being married in this month would bring prosperity and happiness to the couple.    

Another reason found for brides favoring June dates way back to the times when people only bathed once a year.  After wearing heavy clothing all winter long and the weather began warming up in May people would take their "annual bath." People were anxious to get married in June because they still smelled fresher than they would for the rest of the year.  Sure makes you appreciate living in the here and now with indoor plumbing and showers!

The final reason is a very practical one.  When families relied on farming for their livelihood, having a June wedding was convenient for a possible post-wedding pregnancy not getting in the way of the wife helping with the harvest.  It would be early enough that she could still perform some manual labor, and a Spring birth meant that she would be recovered and in good enough health to help out with the next year's harvest.  

Wedding planning can be coordinated successfully any time of the year.  Lots of factors should go into the date that you end up choosing.  If you need any help deciding what will work the best for you and your family, reach out to Events DEE-signed for some guidance.  The most important factor being that it is one that you and your fiance are both cool with.  As long as the two of you are happy with the date, than that is the perfect month for you.

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