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Event Coordinator = MORE Than Just Weddings

Being a wedding coordinator at the Lake of the Ozarks is one of the most awesome jobs that I could ask for, but I really love being a Lake of the Ozarks event planner for all kinds of celebrations besides weddings too.  

Brides and grooms seem to be the first people to give me a call and ask for help.  A simple birthday party or family reunion might seem like a simple party to take on yourself, but I have the experience to avoid easily made mistakes, the knowledge of the best activity and theme ideas, and the expertise of having done this quite a few times.  

If you are planning a wedding, definitely contact Events DEE-signed to make the entire process easier on you.  I LOVE helping with weddings.  I also LOVE helping with these types of events too. 


  • For the young
Children's birthdays may be my absolute favorite event to coordinate.  They love it when you go way over the top with the theme and are usually up for trying anything, as long as it looks like it's going to be fun.  I am not embarrassed to admit that I love comic books and Disney, so most kid's themes are right up my alley.  Children love to play and, even better, they love to laugh.  Laughing is infectious, and the smile on my face after hearing a bunch of children laughing for a couple of hours straight makes my whole day.  And the best part... I get to get them all riled up and then send them home with their parents. (Hee-hee!!)

  • For the young-at-heart

As long as you're alive, you never stop having birthdays.  I truly believe that you can make a big fuss over it, no matter what your age is.  I also believe that there is no reason why a "grown-up" can't have some cheesy, themed party just like a kid.  Don't worry, though, if you are not quite as dorky as I am.  I am perfectly capable of throwing a sophisticated bash too, that will be just as much fun.

Baby Showers

Celebrating a new baby coming into the world is always special, and the Mom-to-be deserves a little extra-special attention before the little one arrives.  After that, it may be quite a while before she gets to be the center of attention again!!  There really are ways to throw a baby shower that isn't all cheesy and full of stupid games that no one really wants to play.  The key is to do activities that are fun for Mom and her particular group of friends.  My personal favorites are the co-ed showers, because the Dad-to-be needs a little attention too.  My co-ed showers have always been great successes, and the guys had just as much fun as the gals.  I would LOVE to throw a gender-reveal party, but so far everyone that I know spills the beans before I can talk them into it.  

Bridal Showers

Just like the baby showers above, these don't have to be the cheesy parties of the past, full of games that no one really wants to play.  There really is no rule to what these have to be, except that they should be all about the Bride-to-be.  Unless, of course, you opt for a co-ed shower.  Brides often get multiple showers thrown by various friends and family members, and if she and her fiance have a lot of mutual friends, there is no reason why one of the showers cannot honor them both.


Usually my assistance is only needed for the big number anniversaries, when people decide to throw a large celebration with lots of people invited.  It's no problem for me to help with a smaller one too, even if it's as simple as making some reservations or preparing a special surprise. 


Family reunions, class reunions, band reunions... there are as many types of reunions possible as there are groups of people that gather all over the world.  The assistance needed for a reunion can include tracking people down, collection RSVPs, finding a venue, making name tags, organizing itineraries, etc...

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

These - are- FUN!!  The first thing that comes to people's minds for these is usually something wild and crazy, and yes, that happens sometimes and those are awesome.  It doesn't have to be like that though.  As with most of the events that I help to plan, the style of the party should match the likes and wants of the person being honored.  You can bar-hop all night, spend the day at a spa, spend a day on the golf course, or whatever the bride or groom have fun doing with their closest friends.  Some couples even enjoy planning their bashes for the same night, and ending the evening at one giant party that joins together both groups.

Girls'/Guys' Night Out

These are pretty much Bachelorette & Bachelor parties without a person of honor getting married.  Just a bunch of friends going out for a special night to look for an adventure together.  I love coming up with an adventure for people to seek out.

Whatever You Feel Like Celebrating!!

Life should be a series of celebrations.  It doesn't have to be a special occasion to get a few friends together and have a good time.  I highly encourage everyone to incorporate a little more fun into their everyday lives.  Start celebrating "Champagne Tuesday" (or Wednesday, or...)  Have a monthly game night with friends or a traveling potluck dinner.  The ideas are endless, but if you need a little help coming up with some, give this Lake of the Ozarks event planner a call, or follow my blogs and posts for inspiration.  


I'll plan, so you can party!!

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