Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back in the game!!

Ok, here I am, FINALLY trying my hand at blogging again.  I spent a little longer procrastinating than I realized.  Looking back, I quit writing 2 years ago!!  Oh my.

So, today's entry won't be the most informative blog, but more about me getting some words down so that the first one is out of the way.  LOL  I have been giving it a lot of (maybe too much) thought, and I have plenty of ideas to start writing about.  Some things I want to cover on a regular basis are:  holidays, weddings, wedding-related parties, kid's birthdays, bargain hunting/budgeting, and DIY decorations.  The goal is weekly.  The dream is twice a week.  

I will spend time today working on a Wedding Wednesday blog for tomorrow.  Oooh... that will be 2 posts this week.  Almost livin' the dream. Ha !!  

Check back often, and I promise to try to inform and entertain you on a regular basis.  I LOVE interacting with others, so please feel free to comment and send your subject ideas.  Also, visit with me through Facebook and Twitter.  I have an Instagram account, but that is another place that I don't spend a lot of time but would like to increase.  Photos are one of my favorite hobbies, but I just need to get in the habit of remembering to snap pics when I see something cool.  

Talk at you soon!!

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