Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great ideas for crafty moms, scout leaders, room mothers...

I loved doing crafts with my children when they were younger.  Sadly, they outgrew it.  Not me!!  If I could get them to sit down and join me, well, that would be a glorious thing.  Maybe that can be one of my wishes if I meet a leprechaun this St. Pat's, !!  Oh well, someday my grandkids will craft with me again. 

While researching some St. Patrick's Day craft ideas, I stumbled onto www.makingfriends.com  
This site came in very handy when I used to be my daughters' Girl Scout leader.  Free printables, including crafts, mazes, color pages..., plus all of the instructions you need to complete the projects.  


This adorable shamrock garland would be an easy decoration to make, and at very little cost.  Thank you Someday Crafts for blogging about it.  You can find the tutorial at Bless This Mess.

I would absolutely love to see your creations- crafty, edible, or otherwise!!  Head over to my Events DEE-signed facebook page and upload your pictures.  

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