Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superbowl Yum-Yums !!

     This year it's most likely me and a couple of teenagers watching the game at my house on Superbowl Sunday.  (Unless, of course, they get a better offer than hanging out with Mom.)  That doesn't really call for lots of decorations or plans, just lots of food!!  I am going to make game boards, but we'll see if they are in the mood to play.  (I always am!!)

     Our snacking staples are generally Little Smokies, Rotel Dip, a veggie tray (for the appearance of "healthy" on the buffet), and maybe some sort of dip in a bread bowl.  Hot wings are a favorite, too, but we have to order out for those.  This year, I want to try some new food, and this is a link to the recipe that looked the most scrumptious to me:

    I LOVE hot wings, and we've almost always got some cooked chicken in our fridge already, making this a perfect recipe for me to try.  These sound yummy, I love that they are baked instead of fried, and rolling them into balls is something my kids might actually help with.

     For dessert, I'm kind of feeling like some plain and simple cupcakes.  Maybe brownies.  We'll see.  If you are feeling like putting a little more effort into your sweets, try one of these:  

football party
                                                      COCOA KRISPIE FOOTBALLS 

Football Strawberries for a Football Party!

     Both of the kids still living at home with me are football fans, but not for either of the teams playing this year.  I personally am looking most forward to the commercials, the half-time show, and "The Voice" that will be on after the game is over.  (Woo-hoo!!)  I hope everyone finds something they can enjoy about the game.  It's a great excuse for a celebration, and I live for those.  

     I would love to hear the new recipes you are trying this year, or even your absolute, can't-do-without-it old favorites.  Maybe I can try one of your recipes next year!!       


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