Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Ideas

This is a great holiday for me to research right now, because I am currently working on a reunion for my fellow Tres Hombres employees.  I had the pleasure of working with some very special people when I worked there.

The first thing Cinco de Mayo makes me think of is MARGARITAS!!  These are very simple to mix.  The main ingredients are:
1 shot of tequila
1/2 shot of triple sec
fill with sweet & sour

Personally, I add a splash of Sprite.  Some people prefer a splash of orange juice.  Shake the ingredients up and pour over ice.  The most important thing is finding a sweet & sour or margarita mix you really love the taste of.  For a virgin mocktail, leave out the alcohol and add orange juice to taste.

For a Peach Margarita (my personal FAVORITE!!) substitute Peach Schnaaps for the triple sec, and add a splash of grenadine (mostly for color.)  This one tastes especially good with sugar around the rim instead of salt.

A taco bar is great because you just have to set out all of the toppings, and your guests can help themselves.  Having a variety of salsas and hot sauces gives everyone a chance to try something new.

I found a really great (and simple) mini-pinata favor on Family Fun's website.


I can't imagine a party without some type of special cupcake or cake.  This one is super easy, but super festive.

Whatever you end up doing, make sure you have fun!!  And always take lots and lots of pictures!!

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