Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Suberbowl Fun

I was never before quite clear on exactly how to do a football pool grid.  Thanks to  I now get it, and they even have a grid for you to print out.  Find your grid, instructions, and other great ideas here.  If you don't want to involve money, you could always play some mini-games to win spots on the grid, and give out one big prize to the winner.  Maybe a football, game jersey, giant beer mug full of candy,...

I am more into commercials than the actual game, so I was looking for something fun to do with them.  This year I am going to re-work a game I like to use at showers for gift opening.  You start with a blank bingo board.  You can replace bingo with any 5-letter word, FBALL, SBOWL, etc..  because the title really isn't important to this game.  Each person playing gets a card, and fills the squares with the types of commercials they believe will be played during the game.  Doritos, Bud Light, GoDaddy, etc...   All cards may have the same squares, but they will be in different spots on the board.  When a commercial airs, mark the square on your card, and first one with 5-in-a- row yells "Bingo" or whatever word you have decided to use.  You can play as many rounds as you have prizes for, or until everyone loses interest.  

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