Friday, January 21, 2011

And so the blogging begins...

It's funny how I constantly have all of these thoughts in my head, yet when I sit down to write about them, they disappear.  Now, I'm sure they must still be in there somewhere, but hidden behind this big blank canvas.  (Where is that nice empty mind when I lay down to relax?  Must be behind all of those ideas I can't locate right now!!)

Anyway, today's big tasks consist of getting a blog started (check!!) and working on my website.  A website has turned out to be much more difficult than I anticipated.  In a perfect world, I could just draw out what I want on a piece of paper and magically transfer that to my computer screen.  (Magically, because my uploading skills are still a bit hit or miss.)  I did get a "starter site" up and running at  but of course, as soon as I hit publish and got a look at it, I could see all kinds of things I needed to change.  Oh well, forget the negative, and I'll just let myself think, "Yay me!!  Step one accomplished!!"  If I can keep that attitude, things will keep on moving forward.  Right?

I am going to allow myself to let these 3 paragraphs be my "starter blog" and move on to the web page fixes for today.  That I consider work, but later I get to "work" on my friend's animal print baby shower, which I actually consider FUN!!  Right now blogging is somewhere between work and fun, but leaning towards the latter.  I kind of enjoyed getting these thoughts down.  Hopefully I will be talking to you on here again very soon.

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